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The national first-in-class drug, Agkistrodon acutus hemocoagulase (trade name: Suling) was successfully launched in 2009, after ten years of research and development. The successful launch of Suling broke the multi-component hemostatic drug monopoly that had existed for 20 years in the Chinese market. Suling is a high-purity, one-component hemocoagulase that is clinically used as a hemostatic drug, and is the only national first-in-class innovative drug in the domestic hemocoagulase market at present.

A new drug is a drug that is not used in clinical practise domestically or abroad (that is, a "first in class"). New drugs are scarce. New drugs quickly occupy a large market share and meet the requirements of clinical medications with their efficacy and safety advantages.

More than 3000 patients in phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials have proved that Suling has a considerable therapeutic effect and good safety profile. Since its launch, Suling has been widely used by many clinical departments in hospitals to reduce bleeding during surgery, as well as post-operation, and to control bleeding caused by trauma and disease. The use of Suling has reduced bleeding in tens of millions of patients during surgeries, and has decreased the use of plasma by nearly 100 tons every year. This is Suling’s high pharmacoeconomic value. Suling has contributed toward tremendous social benefits in China where blood supplies and medical resources are limited. According to the statistics of the Southern Institute of Medical Economics, the largest component of hemostatic products on the market is hemocoagulases, and the sales value of hemocoagulases is increasing rapidly. Suling is the first in class drug in the hemostatic field, and has the characteristics of controllable quality, a remarkable curative effect, good safety and reliability, and has a competitive advantage in the field of hemostatic drugs.


Suling has a long product life cycle. Three years after the listing of Suling products, sales of Suling products jumped to first place in the hemostatic drug market in 2012. By the end of 2018, Suling products had been sold to more than 2,300 hospitals in China and more than 1,000 tertiary hospitals. Since 2013, Suling has been the leading brand in the Chinese hemocoagulase market. The 20-year patent protection period for innovative drugs means Suling will have long market life. During the 20-year patent protection period, innovative drugs enjoy the dual protection of patent barriers and drug regulatory review. The Suling core patent will expire in 2029. Suling is the only national first-in-class drug in the domestic hemocoagulase preparation market. Suling has controllable quality and good safety, and has great potential with a long life cycle and the potential for market growth.


Suling, which filled the gap in the field of snake venom hemagglutinins in China, is the result of innovative scientific research and has strong intellectual property rights. Suling has strong competitive advantages in terms of efficacy, safety, and pharmacoeconomic value, and there are still possibilities for market expansion in the future. Suling has won the national 863 plan, the national torch plan, and national key new product honors successively, and has created a new era of worry-free hemostasis. At present, the Company is also committed to expanding the product specifications and dosage forms.

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