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Llean Production

High-tech Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Base

Established in 2003, Beijing Konruns Industry Base is located in the Miyun Economic Development Zone of Zhongguancun Science Park. It is a high-tech pharmaceutical production base of international standard.

Beijin Konruns Industry Base covers an area of 117,500 m2 and has a floor area of 25,000 m2. Raw material drug API and lyophilized powder manufacturing lines compliance with national GMP have been built. There is also a freeze-dried injection (anti-tumor drug) workshop, tables manusfacturing lines. With a focus on quality, the Company is a modern pharmaceutical manufacturer in China with first-class manufacturing and quality control facilities. The innovative drugs of the Company are sold to all regions in China. The Company produces quality products and has an outstanding brand reputation.

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In terms of production, the Company adheres to the concept of “human orientation, compliance with laws and regulations, quality first, green production” and implements GMP in the all-round management of personnel, machinery, and materials and methods and these areas are linked so that the whole process of production, including raw material purchase, drug production, process control, product release, and storage and shipment are controlled, and the produced drugs conform to the expected use and registration requirements. The Company exploits its talents and equipment and capital, is gradually improving quality management, and continuously meets the latest requirements of the State for drug quality management. The Company has built a safe, environmentally friendly, and harmonious production environment and applies advanced technical methods to organize comprehensive and clean production, aiming to develop a technology-based, modern high-tech pharmaceutical industry. With “zero quality accident”, “zero safety accident”, “zero pollution”, and “zero complaint” targets, the Company strictly fulfills all the GMP requirements of the State so as to ensure high-quality and efficient production of the Company’s products, provide a strong support for front-line sales, and a solid foundation for the Company’s consistent development.

 Technicians account for 56% and quality management personnel 16% of the production team members. By adhering to the production maxim of “Quality means life”, the Company has established a rigorous quality management and monitoring system. According to the requirements for lean production management, the production team pursues strict and rigorous production and quality management. The Company has maintained a record of “”zero accident” in terms of work safety since the establishment of the plant. Batches of high-quality products have been launched onto the market, which have received high praise from doctors and patients.

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