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Legal Statements

[Legal Statements]

Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (or “we” or “us”) is entitled to the copyright of all information on this website. If there is any special provision on the rights declaration of each sub-channel, such provision shall prevail. Any information authorized to be browsed, copied, printed, and disseminated shall be the property of this website, including but not limited to press releases, data sheets, instructions, and frequently asked questions (FAQs). The authorized use shall conform to the provisions conditions: (1) the copyright marks below must appear on all copies; (2) The documents of this website may be used only for information and non-commercial or individual purposes. (3) No document shall be modified. Any use for other purposes will be expressly prohibited by law and may result in serious civil and criminal penalties. Violators will be charged to the greatest extent possible.

The above documents exclude  website design or layout of konruns.cn or any other website design or layout owned, managed, licensed, or controlled by Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The parts on our website are protected by the laws relating to decoration, trademark, and unfair competition, as well as other laws and may not be, wholly or partially, duplicated or copied. Without express license of Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., no mark, graph, video or photo on its website shall be duplicated or re-transmitted.

We and/or each supplier of us makes no statement on the applicability of the information contained in the documents and other related graphs that are distributed by Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and/or such supplier on this website. All such documents and related graphics are provided “as it” without any kind of warranty attached. Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and/or each supplier hereby disclaim any liability for all warranties and conditions relating to such information, including all implied warranties and conditions with respect to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, and non-infringement. In no case shall we and/or each supplier be held liable for any special, indirect or derivative loss or any kind of loss caused by loss of the right to use, data, or profit in any action arising from or in relation to the use or operation of the information on this website, whether such action involves contract, negligence, or other infringement.

Any possible technical deviations or printing errors in the documents and related graphs that are distributed on this website will be revised on a regular basis. We and/or each supplier may, at any time, modify and/or correct the products and/or procedures described in this Legal Statement.

Statements on the Software, Documents, and Service of this Website

In no case shall we and/or each supplier be held liable for any special, indirect, or derivative loss or any kind of loss caused by the loss of the right to use, data or profit in any action arising from or in relation to the use or operation of software or documents, or of the information on this website, provision, or failure to provide service, whether such action involves contract, negligence, or other infringement.

Linkage to Third-party Websites

By clicking the links in this area, you will exit our website. As the websites linked are not within our control scope, we shall not be held liable for any change or update to any content on any linked website, any link contained on any website linked, or any such website. We shall not assume any liability for network transmission received by it from any linked website or for any other form of transmission. The provision of these links by us is provided only for your convenience and any link does not imply the recognition of this website by us.


The products shown on this website are the trademarks or registered trademarks of us and are protected by any and all applicable laws and regulations.

We reserve any rights not expressed or authorized by these Legal Statements.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact admin@konruns.cn.


[Privacy Protection]

This policy applies to all our websites. This document briefly describes the general standards and practice of us regarding the collection, preservation, and use of personal data. Our privacy policy is generally posted on the home page of this website and is also linked to the websites where personal data are collected. Additional notes, such as how to use databases, will be further given on these websites. This document and other additional notes are formulated to protect the privacy of the users and visitors who visit our website.

Definition Relating to Privacy Protection

The term “privacy” herein refers to your personal data, such as name, date of birth, email, mailing address, etc. We will not process your personal data without your consent.

We guarantee to comply with the internationally accepted privacy protection standards when processing your personal data. Thus, we guarantee that our employees will comply with strict safety and confidentiality regulations.

We describe how we collect your personal data below.

Use of Personal Data

It is unnecessary for most of our service items to be registered. You may have access to our website without telling us who you are. There are some services that must be registered before they are accessed. When you register, you may need to fill out some forms (including required and optional items) and select a user name and a password. At this time, if you do not enter your personal data by following our requirements, you may not be able to visit some of our websites and we will have no way to reply to your questions.

We process your personal data only for special and limited purposes, which will be known to you when you register. For example, we will collect and use your personal data to provide products or services to you and send bills to you for the products or services selected, such as: promoting to you the products or services we believe you may be interested in or contacting you for other purposes. The personal data you submit to our Customer Service Department will only be used for solving your problem and we can guarantee its privacy.

We will, according to applicable legal provisions and according to the needs for data storage, decide the reasonable duration during which your data is stored according to the services provided to you.

No Data Disclosure

We will not sell, share with, or disclose by any other means your personal data to any other parties, except that your personal data may be accidentally passed on to any third parties for the purpose of personal data collection or those who relate to our business.

If it is necessary to disclose your personal data to any third party, we will ensure the correct disclosure and use of such data as practically as possible.

Right to Modify Personal Data

You shall have the right to modify or request us to delete your personal data. We will try to ensure the timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of your personal data. If you wish to enter and modify your personal data in our database, please contact our data protection personnel (email: admin@konruns.cn). We will properly process your request in accordance with the applicable laws, professional ethics, document declaration, and archiving provisions of us. This service is completely free. For other requests, we may charge a fee as appropriate according to costs.

Security and Confidentiality

To ensure the security and privacy of the personal data collected by us, we use data network protection measures, such as firewall and password protection for access. Only our employees, who have the need to use personal data and have received professional training to properly deal with and keep personal data confidential, may have access to our personal database. Any employee who violates our privacy policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary punishment. We regularly check the policies and implementation by our employees so as to avoid data loss, misuse, or alternation.

Anonymous Data and Cookie Applets

Most of the data collected by us are anonymous, such as the webpages you visit and the searches you make. When you visit our website, we will not collect your personal data without your consent.

Anonymous data may help us to improve the content of this website and provide user data for our internal market research. In this regard, we may install a “Cookie” applet to collect the top-level domain name of each user, such as collecting bigmail.com and visit time from the email box john@bigmail.com. The Cookie we use is unable to identify users. As a small piece of message, a Cookie is sent to your browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies will not cause damage to your computer. You may set up your computer so you are notified when we send you a Cookie. You may accept or reject such Cookies. We may hire a professional company to help us collect and process the above information. Such professional company must comply with such confidentiality obligations as specified in Section 3 hereof.


We will not send any spam. Spam refers to a large number of emails repeatedly sent to a recipient without the consent of the other party or request, without contacting the recipient or when the recipient is unwilling to receive such email, generally commercial emails. However, when we believe some products, services, or data may be useful for you, we shall reserve the right to notify you by email but you may select whether to use such service then.

Personal Data and Children

We comply with applicable laws regarding child protection. We will not knowingly collect, use or disclose the personal data of any juveniles by means of direct contact without the prior consent of his/her guardian (such as parent or other guardian). Where we have the need to collect such juveniles’ personal data, we will obtain the prior consent of his/her guardian. The guardian may allow us to use or store such information or reject further information collection.

Links to Other Websites

This document is only applicable to the website of Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. rather than third-party websites. We may link our content to other websites our visitors are interested in. We will try our best to guarantee that the website reaches the highest standard.

If you have any question about this privacy policy or you have any comment or advice on our privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us admin@konruns.cn.

This privacy policy shall come into effect as of January 1, 2010. We are committed to continuously improving relevant technologies and services to better process the data you provide to us. For this reason, welcome you visiting this page.

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