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————  Message from the President about Corporate Culture  ————

To achieve permanent development and long-term success and build a “historical brand”, an enterprise must have a clear core mission, clear core values, a clear corporate strategy, and an executive culture that is in line with the mission and values and corporate strategy. This is the so-called “culture system”.

Mr. Liu Jianhua, President of Beijing Konruns Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


The governance of a state requires a culture system as support. It is the same with an enterprise, which requires a culture system as guidance.

It is vital for an enterprise that pursues long-term sustainable development to study and establish a full set of culture systems to guide corporate development.

Since its establishment, Konruns has been committed to creating its own culture system that is mainly implemented by Konruns employees, and features a clear and concise structure. Over a decade of the successful practice of this culture system indicates that Konruns has mostly achieved this goal.

Konruns has established a unique “corporate culture system” and obtained copyright on this system. Konruns maintains vigorous vitality under the guidance of the culture system. All employees of Konruns, from top to bottom, implement the Konruns culture.

The culture system of Konruns consists of three parts: belief culture (core mission and core values); corporate strategy; and implementation culture. These three parts are integrated and are closely correlated with each other. The culture system of Konruns is the foundation and corporate soul for Konruns’ development. Through more than a decade of practice, the culture system of Konruns has become more standardized, more elegant, and is talked about by our employees with great relish.

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